Features Galore

Love HD? 4k will blow you away.

If HD is a theater-quality experience, 4K transports you into the movie. 4K has four times the resolution of HD—8 million pixels instead of 2 million—so it provides more than just richer colors and smoother lines. Combine it with our Genie® HD DVR, the experience only gets better.

Don't have a 4k TV? No worries. We have HD Galore. These days, if you can’t watch TV in HD, it’s hardly worth watching at all. DIRECTV offers over 195 full-time HD channels.

Watch DIRECTV Anywhere

We got you covered when it comes to watching TV on every device. So whether your on the road or bored at church, you can now access LIVE TV and On-Demand content on the go. All you need is a internet connection. No one beats DIRECTV when it comes to streaming content!

On-Demand Fan?

With the power of the Genie, acess over 15,000 on demand titles. You'll never be short on something to watch.


Did you miss or forget to record a show? No problem. DIRECTV's On-Demand library records the most popular shows and series on TV.

Voice Control? Why not!

With our DIRECTV app connected to your Genie, watching TV couldn't possibly be any cooler. Search for an actor, genre or specific movie. It's that easy. You can even use it as a remote to change channels and the on-screen guide!

Still want more? Apps!

Just when you thought DIRECTV could not be any cooler. Via the Genie you can access Pandora, Twitter, NFL, Facebook, Weather Channel etc. With apps being added daily its hard to beat DIRECTV.

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