The Choice is Clear
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We rank #1 in customer satisfaction among all other TV providers. We also provide service Nationwide with 99% reliability. No one else can say that.
Bundle Options? You Bet.
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Internet or Phone needed? Not a problem. We have multiple bundle options for local providers in your area offering you the best possible bundle for your new DIRECTV service.

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Equipment & Features

Why settle for 10-20 year old cable TV equipment? With DIRECTV we only offer the very best and current HD equipment packed with features galore. Our GENIE HD DVR is ranked number one among all other HD DVR's. Every TV powered. Every TV can record. Everyone happy.

The Undisputed Leader in Sports

Don't dismiss the facts. DIRECTV is number one when it comes to sports. With NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, Regional Sports, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Pay-Per-View, you name it, we have it. So if you want to get every game, in picture perfect HD, upgrade to DIRECTV.

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